Management Team

Management Team
Vivien Monti


Vivien Monti is co-founder of Vivansa, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the BELUX region with headquarter in Brussels-Wavre, Belgium, and corporate Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). His role is to carry out the strategic plans and policies as established by the Board of Directors, and to establish and execute the global sales strategy to meet the development objectives of the company. Vivien Monti started his career in 1994 as Network & Telecom specialist, then specialised in the field of Information Security. In 1999, he was responsible for the deployment of the CCN/CSI network which connects all national Customs/Tax authorities of the EU and EFTA countries and, from 2003 onwards, he has been involved in the major EU reforms in the field of the electronic Customs as senior IT/business consultant. Vivien Monti holds a Specialised Master Degree of Engineering & Management of Telecommunication Networks (MSc) from the National Institute of Telecommunications, Paris-Evry (FR), and he is currently running a Master in Customs & Supply Chain Compliance (MSc) from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam (NL).

Sergey Alitchkov


Sergey is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the EMEA region with headquarter in Sofia, Bulgaria, and corporate Chief Operations Officer (COO). His role is to carry out strategic plans and policies as established by the Board of Directors, and to ensure the operational management and execution of IT projects as well as related support and maintenance services. Throughout his career, Sergey Alitchkov has developed a strong expertise in the field of Business Process Modelling and he has been involved in many Customs-related projects for the European Commission (DG TAXUD), the Bahamas Customs Administration, the Macedonian, Serbian and Bulgarian Customs Administrations, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence, and the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance. Sergey Alitchkov is Prince2, ARIS, and TOGAF certified and holds a Master degree in Economy, Public Finance from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Jacques Piret


Jacques Piret is co-founder of Vivansa, and corporate Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His role is to oversee current technologies, to trigger research & development activities, to create relevant IT policy, and drive innovation at Vivansa. With more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of electronic Customs, Jacques Piret has acquired a strong business knowledge necessary to align technology-related decisions with the organisation's goals. Jacques Piret is acknowledged by his peers has an extremely talented Enterprise Architect and creative thinker. He has been deeply involved as SOA expert and Chief Architect in the major reforms launched by the EU (EC- DG TAXUD) in the field of Customs since 2003. Jacques Piret is TOGAF certified and holds a Computer Science degree from Saint-Laurent Institute of Liège, Belgium.

Fred Sala

International Customs Expert - Community Manager & Coordinator

Fred Sala is an International Customs Expert acting as Vivansa Community Manager & Coordinator. His role is to establish relationships with a network of international Customs experts around the globe participating to the eCustoms People initiative promoted by Vivansa and also to provide Vivansa architects and modellers with a cutting-edge expertise in the field of electronic Customs. Fred Sala has an impressive background in this field with more than 40 years of professional experience in more than 20 countries. He started his carrier in 1970 at the French Customs as Customs Analyst at the Customs Data Center (CID), then as Customs Manager and Tax Collector, and finally as Principal Inspector in charge of managing all surveillance operational units including maritime security. After he retired from the French Customs in 2004, Fred Sala has been working as an international Customs Advisor in many public organisations in Central America (2004 - 2007), Russian Federation (2008 - 2009), Peru (2009), Mexico (2009 - 2011), Luxembourg (2011 - 2012), Paraguay (2013), Western and Central Africa (2013 - 2014), Tunisia and Algeria (2015 - 2016). Fred Sala is also currently acting as Senior Expert at the Economy for Fiscal Affairs Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Veronica Ninova

Marketing Manager

Veronica Ninova is corporate Marketing Manager of Vivansa and her role is to carry out the marketing strategy of the company. Her primary focus is to continually increase Vivansa brand awareness to help drive business results. She is responsible for all external communications and CSR initiatives of the company. Throughout her career, Veronica has gained expertise and knowhow in the field of strategic marketing and planning, public relations, event management and CSR. She has managed B2B and B2C marketing projects for Bulgarian and global companies, as she has also worked for public and non-governmental organisations and institutions. She has more than seven years’ experience in senior marketing and management roles across a range of industries: IT, Healthcare, Energy, Recycling, FMCG, Tourism, Banking, etc. Veronica Ninova holds a Master Degree in Marketing from the University of National & World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria