Benefit from next-generation, business-driven SOA apps

All products developed by Vivansa are service-oriented, platform independent software implementing powerful technology and aligned to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) principles. This means that all our products are “by design” loosely coupled, stateless, re-usable, discoverable, and recomposable pieces of software that can easily enter into the composition of existing Customs / Tax business applications or existing Supply Chain Management systems.
Opting to Vivansa products is therefore the assurance to:

  • Maximise component sharing across different business process and applications
  • Facilitate the interoperability between business partners, supply chain partners and targeted users
  • Reduce cost of development (no need to re-invent the wheel), deployment and operations
  • Improve maintainability


Products for National Customs/Tax Authority

Need to implement EMCS at your Customs / Tax Authority ? Need for secure and reliable SOA-based electronic processing services for declaring, monitoring, and discharging the movements of goods transported under excise duty suspension within the EU? Then lxr.NEA is what you need.


Need to implement the national part of the System of Exchange of Excise Data (SEED) in full conformity with EU specifications to support EMCS core processes ? Then lxr.SEED is what you need.


Need for a simple service that facilitates the activation of the EMCS fallback procedure when it comes to eAD Registration Code (ARC) issuance and synchronisation? Then lxr.ARCfallback is what you need.


Need for a solution that implements the Economic Operator Registration Information (EORI) database and related synchronisation services in full conformity with EC specifications? Then lxr.EORI is what you need.


Need for a solution that implements the exchange of electronic entry summary declarations and risk information based on Regulation (EC) N°648/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council and Commission Regulation (EC) N°1875/2006? Then lxr.ICS is what you need.


Need to connect your national Customs/Excise applications to the CCN Network? Need to get prepared to the forthcoming CCN2 transition? Then lxr.CCN is what you need.


Products for Economic Operators

As an importer or exporter, you need for on-line Customs & Excise declaration management services to cost-effectively comply with EU filing requirements? Need to leverage default and client-specific standing data, declaration templates, historical filings, on-screen tips and system validations to increase speed and accuracy in the filing process? Then eOUI is what you need.